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tires in the dimension 215 60 R17

215 mm wide, a ratio between height and width of 60 percent, 17 inch diameter and radial tires : That is the answer 215 60 R17 on the side of the tires. What characteristics distinguish tires in this dimension and which vehicles they are?

Properties of tire size 215 60 R17

The supply of tires in the dimension 215 60 R17 is large: summer tires, winter tires and all-season tires for cars are produced in this size; as are SUVs and vans fitted with tires in this dimension go. Cheap vans tires and are also available in size 215 60 R17. With a width of 215 mm, these tires are among the moderate wide tires, which make a good impression, especially on vehicles of upper middle class and the upper class. Your wide surface guarantees safe handling even at high speeds. With a diameter of 17 inches, converted 43.18 cm, they have a balanced ratio between the width and diameter, resulting in a comfortable ride.

Approved for high speed

Due to their safe roadholding tires sized 215 60 R17 are usually allowed in high speed classes. Many models can speed up to class V, ie up to 240 km / h, are driven. This is the case for Nankang summer tires and tires of the brand Star Performer. mostly slightly lower allowable speeds apply to winter tires. Whether the dimension to the host vehicle fits, drivers can be found in the vehicle registration certificate.

tires sized 215 60 R17 sports tires which are suitable in summer for high tempo. Combined with the corresponding wheels they leave visually dynamic impression.

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