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225 50 R18 tire frontier workers under the wide tires

Wide tires are very popular - not least because of its special appearance. For the fuel consumption falls often made higher because the wider tread generate more rolling resistance. A possible workaround is the tire size 225 50 R18. This is located right on the border of normal tires wide tires and thus has very balanced properties.

A powerful appearance and low fuel consumption

tires with the marking 225 50 R18 offered primarily for sporting midsize cars and upper mid-range cars. Through its large tread have car tires of this size have a good grip. Visually they impress with their wide shape, which can affect the car more powerful. 225 50 R18 tires belong to the group of the wide tires, however, are much more balanced in the range fuel consumption and driving comfort than many larger dimensions.

Recommended wide tires

An inexpensive, high-performance tires sized 225 50 R18 is the Nankang N 990 . The summer tire has excellent values ​​in the wet adhesion and is marked in the EU tire label with Class B (AG). Admittance is the tire for a speed of 240 km / h. In addition, the wide tires Nankang has an additional edge protection. Highly recommended is the ContiSportContact 5 by the manufacturer Continental. In independent tire tests of wide tires has always received good to excellent rating. In addition to its excellent handling characteristics of the tire quality also surprised by a low fuel consumption and high mileage.

Who wants to sit in his car on a sporty overall image and excellent handling characteristics expected is very good advice with tires sized 225 50 R18. The tires have a wide tread for optimal traction and are generally designed for high speeds. You also fit with an inside diameter of 18 inches in a visually striking 18er wheels.

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