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225 55 R16 tires - The mixture of normal tires and wide tires

The tire size 225 55 R16 is a very common method for cars , which is offered by many manufacturers. They can be counted among the wide tires, but is located in the border area to normal tires. By this fact have 225 55 R16 tires on a balance of properties in the area drivability and energy efficiency.

A good mix of performance and comfort

tires sized 225 55 R16 represent a mix of broad and standard tires. With its wide tread a high traction is given as well as improved braking characteristics. Both typical properties of wide tires. The section height of 123.75 mm (aspect ratio: 225 mm * 0.55) is relatively high. Thus, the tire to lose some of the typical distinctive wide tires optics. In return, however, able to convince with an extra dose of driving comfort 225 55 R16 tires. Also, the inner diameter of 16 inches is unusual for a wide tire, but also has a positive impact on comfort.

Good performance on dry surfaces

A solid and affordable entry into the world of 225 55 R16 tires with the series Hankook Ventus Prime 2K115 given. The radial summer tires provide convincing performance on dry surfaces and guaranteed even in the rain short braking distances. In addition, the tires series offers a comfortable ride. In tests of the magazine Auto, Motor und Sport, the Hankook Ventus Prime 2 landed in the upper midfield. Also a very positive impression makes the summer tires Michelin Primacy 3 GRNX . The tire is characterized by an outstanding appearance and excellent wet grip. On the topic of fuel consumption, the Michelin Primacy 3 as fuel-efficient all-rounder presents.

Those who can not decide whether he prefers wide or normal tires, finds in the dimension 225 55 R16 the perfect alternative. Good traction properties, a high value in the speed index and plenty of driving comfort make the mixture of these dimensions.

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