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The 225 55 R17 tires - the best of both worlds

Pneus with dimensioning 225 55 R17 are located at the border of the normal car tire for wide tires. The format is popular with motorists and is therefore out of the many tire manufacturers in assortment. Offered are summer tires, winter tires and all-season tires for cars and SUVs. The 225 55 R17 tires have a balanced mix of properties of broad and standard tires.

With wide tires, it depends on the tire height

For the title wide tires, the height next to the tire width is entscheident. The height of a car tire is indicated by the second number. In the case of 225 55 R17 55 represents the tire height. This is specified as a proportion of width to height. The length of the tire height thus makes 55 percent of the tire width, ie 225 * 0.55 = 123.75 mm. The lower the amount, the wider acts a car tire. Especially when it comes to optics put buyers of wide tires much emphasis on a low section height.

Good handling characteristics and low fuel consumption

Car tires sized 225 55 R17 offer thanks wider footprint more traction than narrower tires. At the same time, the 225 55 R17 tires economical than wide tires with lower height and longer tire width. The wider a car tire, the higher the tread he that rests on the floor. The weight of the vehicle thus spread over more area. For this reason, softer rubber compounds can be used, which in turn lead to better braking and traction. For the rolling resistance, which increases negative impact on fuel consumption and has the life.

With 225 55 R17 car tire, the buyer receives a common tire size with many advantages. An excellent example of a good premium tire of this dimension is the Goodyear EFFICIENT GRIP XL .

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