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Car tires sized 235 40 R18 - low height, great handling

A wide tread and low tire height characterize the tires in size 235 40 R18. This is a common format, which is offered by many manufacturers. Also priced to make a selection: Cheap tires of this size there is already for almost 70 euros.

235 40 R18 wide-base tire for a powerful look

With a dimension of 235 40 R18 tires belong to the category wide tires. It is characterized by a large tire width, a low relative level and, ideally, a long inner diameter for striking wheel. 235 40 R18 tires bring all the required attributes and therefore also possess the typical properties of a wide tire. The first noticeable difference to smaller car tires is the optics. Due to the low level just sporty vehicles appear much more powerful. In the production of wide tires softer rubber mixtures can be used, since the weight of the respective vehicle distributed over more contact surface. The softer rubber compound results in a better grip and thus more traction and improved braking properties. Especially on dry pavement can convince wide tires.

Excellent wide tires with low fuel consumption

An outstanding high-performance tires in the dimension 235 40 R18 is the Ventus V12 EVO manufacturer Hankook. The wide summer tires inspired by an excellent performance in the wet and dry, precise handling and low fuel consumption. In EU tire label the Ventus V12 EVO in the classes B (wet grip) and C (energy efficiency) is classified. Affordable and also highly recommended is the tire series Nexen N 9000 XL in size 235 40 R18. We are particularly impressed when wet the tires optimum performance.

235 40 R18 tires are wide tires and are especially suitable for sporty cars. They are usually designed for high speeds and have a very good grip.

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