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245 40 R17 - powerful wide tires for cars

One of the currently most popular sizes for car tires 245 40 R17. Lovely because the wide tread, the tire provides excellent traction and the level still offers an appealing level of ride comfort. In addition, it is very strong running tire.

Wide tires with ride comfort

In the tire dimensions 245 40 R17, the buyer has arrived in the area of ​​wide tires. Here are a sporty appearance, a high maximum speed, and of course excellent handling characteristics on wet and dry roads. The latter is, however, ensured only conditionally, since wide tires tend principle susceptible to hydroplaning to be. The reason lies in the wide tread which must displace more water than a narrow variant. However provide manufacturers constantly to minimize through effective tire profile this disadvantage. The size 245 40 R17 has all the basic features of a good wide tire. Anyway, to this a little more driving comfort than him many wide tire variants.

Two tires series, know that convince

With the same tire model Continental ContiSportContact 5 and Goodyear Eagle F1 ASYMMETRIC 2 two outstanding series are available in the size 245 40 R17. The Continental tires convince with balanced properties. In the wet grip the tire land according to the EU tire label in class B, which stands for short braking distances and good handling on wet and dry roads. Energy efficiency is the C class only slightly worse - for wide tires, however, very good. In contrast, the 245 40 R17 tires from Goodyear. Here is de focus clearly on traction, handling and braking characteristics. In EU tire label is that reflected in the best class again: A. For energy efficiency, so the fuel consumption, in the class E (AG) is referenced.

The tires in size 245 40 R17 offer typical wide tire properties such as traction strength and excellent braking. In addition, the tire size can inspire but also by a high level of comfort.

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