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245 45 R17 - excellent wide tires for high speeds

245 45 R17 tires are extremely popular wide tires, which are distinguished by good traction, excellent handling characteristics and an attractive appearance. Especially for sporty vehicles are tire of this dimension is an excellent choice.

Width tread for more grip

One of the main criteria for optimal conversion of the driving force in driving is a wide footprint of the car tires . Through it creates more traction and greater traction. The tires of size 245 45 R17 equipped with a tire width of 245 mm over a sufficiently large contact area. In addition, more grip also has a positive effect on the braking performance and handling of the vehicle. Especially on dry asphalt and little moisture achieve wide tires this dimension top results. At the same tire height of 45 percent of the tire width nor space allows for adequate ride comfort. In shallower wide tires, you have to give up this ride comfort, however.

Top results in wet adhesion

Plentiful driving pleasure created with wide-base tires series PRIMACY 3 GRNX EL in size 245 34 R17. The tubeless summer tires from Michelin reach in wet grip absolute top results and can also convince in fuel consumption. No wonder that the tires have received even a "recommendable" by Auto, Motor und Sport and achieve top marks in many independent tests. In EU tire label that Michelin wide base tires reach in wet grip the highest class (A). The energy efficiency is two classes including (C), but is still very good and much better than many of the other tire model in this size. The external rolling noise falls from relatively low, with a value of 71 decibels.

All in all 245 45 R17 tires a very good choice for a sporty yet comfortable driving experience. Who is willing to spend some money for its wide tires, is also should opt for Michelin PRIMACY 3 GRNX EL.

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