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Portrait on Avon tires

Avon has had a long-standing company tradition. Even Formula 1 already belonged to the customers of this manufacturer.

Avon tires: Over a century of experience

Founded in the UK in 1885 for rubber products company unveiled in 1901den first car tires ago. From the beginning, the product was able to convince, resulting in a rapidly increasing demand. Accordingly expand Avon tires his offer ten years of late on motorcycle tires. A proof of the extraordinary quality of car tires was made in 1933, when Avon tires for original equipment of the exclusive Rolls Royce were. In the same year the company's IPO took place. Whereas experience one decides in 1957 to take the plunge into the realm of motor racing.

Radial tires - a product from Avon tires

In the 1970s, Avon is the undisputed technology leader in the tire industry, and leads in the development of radial tires. Hardly surprising is that Avon tires the first company managed to launch such radial tires. More attribute of Products: Avon tires belongs in the years 1981 and 1982 to the suppliers of Formula 1. The company is hoping to pass on the experiences from motorsport to the road. Accordingly, the tire from Avon distinguished by an excellent grip on dry as wet pavement, significant power reserves and excellent ride comfort. Meanwhile, the focus of Avon tires in field of retrofitting and upgrading tires, the manufacturer just for exclusive vehicles accepts even the purchases of car tires.

Years of experience and a strong commitment to motor sports, which are made ​​that benefit the motorists in the choice of Avon tires the attributes.

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