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Sumitomo tires

Sumitomo is a Japanese traditional brand, the car tire manufactures for all vehicle classes. The company is also known for the development and manufacture of high-performance tires. For many sporting driver Sumitomo tires are the first choice.

A centuries-old tradition in the production of tires

Sumitomo tires are mainly produced in Japan. The company was founded 1909th Thus Sumitomo is one of the oldest tire manufacturers in the world. Initially, the company mainly deals with the production of bicycle tires. As the demand for car tires in the world market rises rabid, represents the traditional company to its production. Since quality Sumitomo tires are made not only for the Japanese market. The brand is now represented in many markets. Sumitomo is known for its high-performance tires. They are also suitable for the most demanding motorists and allow accordingly safe steering with the car, even in extreme driving situations. Another reason for the popularity of Sumitomo tires is also the good price-performance ratio. Sumitomo tires are among the best. This advantage can be used particularly customers.

High-performance tires for more security and performance

Motorists can rely on Sumitomo tires in any situation. The Sumitomo HTR Z IIIaus category summer tire is a high-performance car tires with asymmetrical tread. The patented profile system ensures that the vehicle remains stable in any situation. The wide tread grooves, of which there are a total of four, allowing a very good grip on wet roads. At high speeds on winding roads of this high-performance tire ensures safe lateral support, so that the full power of the vehicle can be exploited. For all seasons it is with the HTR A / S P01 best equipped. The all-season tire has done very well in tests in various weather conditions. High track temperatures and snowy roads provide no obstacle for him. A good choice for drivers who want to be sure one set of tires throughout the year on the road.

Sumitomo are among the best high-performance tires, which are available at They provide a very high level of security throughout the year. Even the most demanding motorists will be completely satisfied with the Sumitomo tires.

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