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Uniroyal tires - perfectly in all weather conditions

The tire manufacturer Uniroyal has been known not to let his customers out in the cold. Because the high quality models offer wet perfect comfort and safety - on Uniroyal this is once again demonstrated.

Long life and perfect protection against aquaplaning

Whether for compact cars, SUV or 4x4 vehicles - with the Uniroyal car tires you are always safe and comfortable way. The sophisticated tread pattern provides perfect protection against aquaplaning and ensures efficient water drainage. Show on wet, slippery or greasy roads and at high levels of snowfall the Uniroyal car tires excellent wet performance, which is also confirmed in numerous tests repeatedly. Moreover points all models with short braking distances and a better cornering. Thanks to the tread with silicon components, the adhesion properties were also further improved. Uniroyal car tires as the model RainExpert can also convince with its long service life.

Established and highly successful

Since 1895, the company produces high-quality tires Uniroyal. Back then known under the name Englebert were among others, the renowned Continental AG quality models manufactured. In 1958, then the company merged with the consolidated US Rubber, resulting Uniroyal Englebert originated. Since 1979 the company belongs to Continental AG and has established itself on the European and US market long. No wonder, because from the beginning the company has focused on the production of high-quality tires that provide perfect grip even on wet roads. Under Uniroyal there is a wide selection of high quality summer tires, in addition, of course, are also winter models to find.

Uniroyal car tires are perfectly geared to offer the best possible safety and performance under adverse weather conditions. No wonder the company but is regarded as specialist in the rain and sets in the manufacturing process on the highest quality and maximum comfort.

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