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205/ 45 R17 Winter tires for cars

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Dimension 205 45 R17: A winter tire, the smooth ride promises

Who would not give up the driving experience in winter, which must be for a matching car tires look. Width tires as the dimension 205 45 R17 as winter tires offer a modern alternative and support to cold seasons a sporty and dynamic driving style.

The winter tire for sporty driving

Consumers are advised for a powerful vehicle of VW, Audi, etc. with more than 200 hp to choose an appropriate tire. Because if a precise steering and braking behavior due to the tires can not be implemented, this is just in the winter at high risk in road traffic. The Make 205 45 R17 as winter tires suitable for sporty and high-powered car models from the compact class. This tire size enables stable cornering and increased traction on ice and snow. While some manufacturers offer cheap their tires for about 40 euros is the price of tires prestigious manufacturers Vredestein or Continental about 100 euros or more.

The all-rounder among tire models

Compared to some other tire sizes the dimensions 205 45 R17 allows for the winter tires with speed index V (up to 240 km / h) W (up to 270 km / h) or Y (up to 300 km / h) top speed, with which to the vehicle their limit can be brought. It is striking that in recent tests of a similar or comparable dimension little rounder were found. The tires have very good values ​​for certain criteria. As all-rounder, which mediate on dry, wet and snow-covered terrain, a safe driving experience, but only a few models can Dunlop , Michelin, Vredestein, Goodyear and Continental are referred.

The format 205 45 R17 winter tire range has proven to be very versatile. The price difference and the difference in quality of the various models is enormous part. Consumers should in the choice of tires seek an accurate comparison and choose a winter tire whose strengths correspond to their own ideas.

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