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225 50 R17 Car Winter tires

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225 50 R17 winter tires - interesting facts

Medium-sized vehicles require slightly larger tires. Wide tires, as in the dimension 225 50 R18 , are very popular with many riders very popular because they provide a sporty look any vehicle right away. This includes 225 50 R17 winter tires, but not just by a good appearance, but also by good handling characteristics.

Characteristics of winter tires

What does it mean if the numbers are 225 50 R17 shown on a tire? These winter tires are 225 mm wide, thus belong to the slightly wider dimensions that can be driven with classic mid-sized car. The second number is the aspect ratio, which is beside these tires at 50 percent. The winter tires also have a diameter of 17 inches and are for car wheels suitable in the appropriate size. 225 50 R17 winter tires provide very popular models for a variety of vehicle types. A large, stable support surface and a correspondingly stable roadholding distinguishes this tire.

Pleasant ride comfort and safe driving

Wide tires like 225 50 R17 Winter tires are particularly athletic. Your wide surface gives them a particularly stable operation, even in the corners. With a balanced ratio between the diameter and width, the winter tires can also act pleasant, the ride comfort is not neglected. In dry weather, the middle-class tires are even faster jaunts; Pirelli winter tires and other models of these dimensions have been approved, for example, to the speed class V. A speed of up to 240 km / h allowed it.

Convenient and safe: These two features combine 225 50 R17 winter tires. For motorists who certainly want to be on the road in the cold season, without sacrificing comfort, they are therefore a good choice.

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