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Safely through snow and slush

The tires are all about trust. Especially when selecting winter tires should not be saved at the wrong end. With over 100 years experience Goodyear supplies winter tires as a safe companion for wintry roads.

A family business a success story

Since the birth of the automobile develops and manufactures Goodyear rubber tires, thus promoting the mobility of people. Henry Ford once familiar with the tires of his cars on the rubber products of the American brand success. To date, the former family business is one of the global leaders in terms of vehicle tires. Last but not least comes with Goodyear a motor racing touch into his own car. As a partner of numerous motorsport series and many years of experience in Formula 1 the Group is able to gain experience under extreme conditions and use of the technologies of conventional tires. Several hundred times crossed Formula 1 racing car with Goodyear tires than the finish line first. Under you always find the right tire for your own cars.

The highest standards for your safety

The winter places high demands on the entire vehicle. The aim is to bring about four postcard-sized surfaces, the entire kinetic energy of the winter road. A worn or substandard tires is struggling hard with ice, mud, snow and icy conditions. An insecure driving experience, unintentional slippage and long braking distances are the result and can quickly lead to the accident. Is clever, who at compares prices, Goodyear buy winter tires and so sure comes through the winter. ADAC, Stiftung Warentest, AutoBild and many more to certify annually excellent handling characteristics and excellent braking characteristics for Goodyear winter tires. Regularly, the products are even test winner and leave the competition far behind.

With Goodyear winter tires you are always spot or even in unfavorable weather conditions safely to your destination. Let current prices for comparable and secure your personal bargain.

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