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Toyo winter tires, convincing performance in the snow

From Japan the cost, but quality comes Toyo winter tires. The Group already since 1945 tire and Rubber Products manufactures and exports its products today in more than 100 countries. For 30 years already able to benefit from cheap quality German motorists. Toyo winter tires convincing in winter conditions with a good grip and shorter braking distances.

Quality characteristics of Toyo winter tires

Winter is the time of snow-covered roads and slippery surfaces. To be sure on the roads, winter tires are essential for the vehicle. Good models, like the Toyo winter tires are distinguished by special rubber compounds that do not harden in cold temperatures. This reserve Toyo winter tires at temperatures below zero stability and wear out less quickly. Another special feature compared to summer tires is particularly deep profile. At least 1.6 millimeters should be low profile winter tires. Additional fins improve the grip on snow and ice. course Toyo winter tires are characterized by a corresponding profile design.

Driving pleasure in wintry conditions

Whether motorists, especially in the city are on the road or in the winter must often drive over the highway, Toyo winter tires are suitable for all situations. In addition, the Japanese company manufactures its winter tires in many different sizes and speed class. Therefore, they can with all major car models are combined and also fit many wheels . In tests convinces the Toyo winter tires Snowprox S953 by its excellent handling on snow and wet. The road noise is low, the driving comfort even in inhospitable conditions high.

Snow and ice make motorists less, if they focus on quality Toyo winter tires. The Japanese brand convinced with good results in various tests and their favorable price.

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