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Strong adhesion Nexen winter tires

Nexen Winter tires on both wet and dry roads a good grip and stability. On snowy roads they show adhesion strong. Durable and affordable winter tires Nexen are found in

The result excellent research

Nexen is an acoustic combination of the words next and century. All tires this manufacturer therefore belong to the generation of the next century. The futuristic Nexen winter tires are equipped with the "Arrow Center Rib" an improved grip on wet and slippery surfaces. The Korean company Nexen produces more than 30 different tire models for cars alone. The company founded in 1942, operates worldwide and is the oldest tire producer in Korea. During his 70-year anniversary of the manufacturer has changed several times his name. Nexen is currently since 2000th Over time the company has become one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world. The approximately 2,000 employees, the company has been recognized for a number of breakthrough innovations. On the results of research include high-performance winter tires Nexen, which engage reliably in icy, wet and snow.

Nexen winter tires for different types of vehicles

Nexen winter tires are made for heavy and light vehicles. This includes Automobiles, trucks and buses. Car tires Nexen, which are labeled RF, EL or XL in the name, are enhanced. This means that they are above average sustainable. Therefore they can be used for estate cars, light commercial vehicles or vans. Also specially for sports car Nexen has developed a tire series. The Nexen products range from standard tires to tires with extra comfort. Nexen winter tires are made of novel materials. These ensure that the tires well engages in cold and wet weather and hardly caused road noise. Before its launch through Nexen winter tires long and thorough testing. Just include tires for vans and off-road vehicles to choose from.

Nexen Winter tires on snowy and wet roads a good grip. They are strong adhesion and cause few rolling noise.

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