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205 60 R15 Winter tires for cars

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205 60 R15 winter tires: Balanced driving performance in snow, rain and sunshine

205 60 R15 winter tires have good braking and steering characteristics on snowy, wet and dry roads. By their dimensions, they provide the ideal basis for a balanced tires. Suitable the tires for compact and middle-class.

Strong traction winter tires with lots of comfort

Good winter tires convince not only with their perfect driving on snow and ice. Even on dry and wet asphalt, the tires have to ensure a constant performance. 205 60 R15 winter tires have for the necessary conditions: the grip of a tire is determined by factors including the width of the tread. A thin tire has a larger surface pressure, which has a positive effect on snowy asphalt. For a wide tread generate more rolling resistance. Ideal for a strong traction and short braking distances in wet and dry conditions. 205 60 R15 winter tires take the middle ground and provide both properties. In addition, the large tire height and 15 inches inside diameter for excellent driving comfort.

Excellent winter tires Goodyear for compact and Mttelklasse

The tire series ULTRAGRIP 8 of known manufacturer Goodyear has repeatedly won the test and get a 205 60 R15 winter tires unrestricted purchase recommendation. Both in the magazine "ACE test" as in the "sports car" the tires are "very recommendable" stated the review. For the many technological innovations of tire series are sometimes responsible, guaranteeing optimum performance in snow, rain and drought. The 3D BIS Technology Goodyear improved eg the handling by parts of the block profile close and so increases the tread stiffness. In addition, the innovative tread pattern for a lower risk of aquaplaning makes. Other pluses: Very low rolling noise and high ride comfort.

Anyone looking for a winter tire that excels in balanced attributes, is the right place for the 205 60 R15 winter tires. Traction, braking, handling and comfort are equally high in all weathers. Solid performance for compact and midsize cars.

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