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The dimension 225 50 R16 as winter tires: Running Strong tires for compact and medium range

With its large tire width and the relatively small cross-section 225 50 R16 winter tires are particularly high traction. In addition, the degree of care Winter tire for top performance in all weather conditions.

Optimal wet traction and light snowfall

225 50 R16 winter tires have a wide tread, which creates a high rolling resistance. The rolling resistance, in turn, leads to improved braking and steering characteristics and greater traction. Specially with light snow, wet and dry conditions has a tire size of optimal conditions. On icy and snowy roads greatly, however, have car tire with a smaller width a small advantage. However, modern rubber compounds and efficient winter treads with wide tires raise this difference almost. When it comes to ride comfort, the dimension 225 50 R16 winter tires as a good compromise: tires with a larger cross section have sometimes a little more comfort, but also happen to be a much lower cornering stability - with low-profile tires, it is exactly the reverse.

Low consumption and short braking distances

An excellent mix of economic and security conducive driving, the tires series Nokian WR D3 is. Thanks to a distinctive V-shaped groove slat profile and an effective rubber compound the tires reach the EU tire label excellent results. The fuel consumption of 225 50 R16 winter tires is indicated by the C (AG) class. In the wet adhesion of the tire quality, even the Class B reached Compared: A car with a class-F tires needed in wet conditions during emergency braking (80 km / h) up to 11 meters longer braking distance. In addition, the Nokian WR D3 225 50 R16 winter tires inspire with very low rolling noise (63 decibels) and a pleasing high level of comfort. The tires have the speed index H (up to 210 km / h).

Who is looking for car tires for the winter and comfort as well as its capability expected, the tire size 225 50 R16 should as winter tires look absolutely once.


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    • 225/50 R16 96R
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    • 225/50 R16 91S
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    • 225/50 R16 92H
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