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225 55 R16 Winter tires for cars

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In the dimension 225 55 R16 winter tires are the superclass

Specifically, the choice of winter tires is an important aspect in order to ensure road safety. The dimension 225 55 R16 as winter tires comes with luxury vehicles for use. Vehicle models as a BMW 5 Series, the high weight presses the narrow strips of the profile in the snow or mud and thus finds enough traction on planes, steep climbs or curves.

New mediated secure feeling

The Make 225 55 R16 winter tires as offers consumers versatile properties, because even on wet or dry terrain performance should not suffer. The stopping distance must always be kept short and give the driver a feeling of safety. This car tire offers all the basic requirements to ensure this comfort. Usually this tire size is marked with an H-rated (up to 210 km / h). Some manufacturers such as Pirelli or Continental are models with the speed index V (up to 240 km / h) available.

Intensive development work is bearing fruit

Besides the well known premium manufacturers numerous tire models with the Dimension 225 55 R16 offered as winter tires cost producers. In a report by Auto Motor Sport, however, it became clear that the performance of cheaper models is questionable. Long stopping distances and understeer and oversteer endanger the occupants of the car in difficult situations. The Goodyear (Ultra Grip 7+) shows, however, that the intensive development of renowned manufacturers bears fruit. An excellent drivability for snow, ice and slush. Snowy slopes are no problem for this Pneu represents. Surprisingly strong shows Fulda , the more favorable tire shows top values ​​in the snow and end up in the top box.

With the Make 225 55 R16 winter tires than to own a superclass car enjoy a safe ride. While not fulfill all tire models of the necessary criteria, yet find consumers a wide range of reliable tires in different price categories available.

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