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Dunlop winter tires

Dunlop is one of the best known tire brands ever. One sees daily Dunlop tires on cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Among the high-performance winter tires from Dunlop find drivers of all classes, what you are looking for. Many of the most prominent car manufacturers in the world use Dunlop winter tires for original equipment of their products. These include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Rover. Also motorcycle manufacturers such as Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha rely on Dunlop winter tires. convince every season winter tires from Dunlop by best handling. The winter tires from Dunlop are characterized by the highest quality and impeccable reliability.

Pioneering ingenuity

The first Dunlop factory founded 1889, the entrepreneur John Boyd Dunlop in Dublin. There he produced the world's first pneumatic tire. From 1910 operates Dunlop an own rubber plantation in Malaysia. From then on Dunlop is a global company that has brought a number of breakthrough innovations to the market over the years. These include the metal studded tire and the cord fabric tires. Also the slat profile tires and anti-hydroplaning tires are Dunlop inventions. The optimized water drainage at Dunlop winter tires banishes aquaplaning.

Innovative Dunlop winter tires

1983 sold Dunlop most of its European plants to Sumitomo. Gradually, the entire company has changed ownership. But the Dunlop brand continues. The research will be continued with the established names. Therefore, Dunlop winter tires are characterized by a directional tread pattern. The steep V-shaped tapered tread grooves and a special lamella concept make it easier to slow down for difficult ground. A snowflake symbol on Dunlop winter tires and all-season tires Dunlop stands for absolute winter suitability.

The combined producer Sumitomo and Goodyear are today the most successful winter tire manufacturer in the world. By this their brand Dunlop has a large share.

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