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Nankang Winter tires: claim, tradition and innovation

Those who want to buy winter tires that meet the highest quality requirements, should access to the models of the company Nankang. Because the Nankang Winter tires offer excellent value for money because of the Asian manufacturers, the highest demands on themselves.

Nankang Winter tires: From a forge with tradition

Who can buckle on his car Nankang winter tires, which engages in a product with tradition, because the company is one of the oldest tire manufacturers from Taiwan. Nankang operates on three sites Nankang bake winter tires and self-respecting scrupulously that the product quality of the tire corresponds to their own ideas. For this reason all Nankang winter tires undergo exhaustive testing before they are offered on the market. To always newer and better models evolve, the operation works closely with institutions of research and development in order to ensure in this way can never miss the spirit of the time.

The triad of Nankang winter tires

For the Nankang winter tires, the manufacturer has scheduled a special triad: they must offer a high level of comfort, have a convincing grip and extremely stable. For Nankang subjects the winter tires numerous tests with cars from different manufacturers and of different capacities. At the same time, the tests are carried out in atmospheric conditions which are much more extreme than, for example, which may be encountered in Germany. Nankang winter tires that are available in this country, have already been proven many times in this way.

Nankang Winter tires are manufactured on the Chinese island of Taiwan. There, the company is one of the oldest tire manufacturers ever. The models for the cold months of the year are characterized by the triad of stability, ride comfort and a large possible adhesion ability. At the same time, the company always strives to make new innovations incorporated in the winter tires Nankang and works closely with it numerous research institutions.

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