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Uniroyal winter tires - perfect for the cold season

Extreme weather conditions such as snow and ice can be met safely with the quality Uniroyal winter tires. For all models of the renowned US manufacturer convince with numerous good driving characteristics, which also Uniroyal can be clearly seen.

Increased traction and perfect handling

The manufacturer of the successful Uniroyal rain tires have long been known for their high quality. And the Uniroyal winter tires are their counterparts in this respect in every way: So All models have an excellent quality, ensuring the increased traction and excellent cornering even in snow and ice. In addition, the braking performance was thanks to intensive research and development work to improve even further. Also worth mentioning is the high resistance to aquaplaning, which is given in all Uniroyal winter tires. A popular series, for example, the Uniroyal winter tires MS Plus can find 6.

Uniroyal - every season a good choice

Who a little deals with tire manufacturers and tire brands, inevitably come across the famous American brand Uniroyal. No wonder, because in the course of its history, this manufacturer has been able to develop a very good reputation among customers from around the world. Since 1960, Uniroyal has specialized in the manufacture of high quality rain tire, what the quality of the models again came clearly benefit. Since 1980 the company is part of established Continental AG and sets in the manufacture of products to the broad know-how of the parent company. Thanks to the great success there has long been a whole series of different Uniroyal winter tires that are under Uniroyal can examine closer.

The tire manufacturer Uniroyal is known that he will not let his customers out in the cold. But even during the cold season it is with the quality Uniroyal winter tires at all times safe and comfortable way.

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