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Westlake winter tires

With Westlake winter tires motorists are safe and comfortable during the winter road. The Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production cheaper tires. It was in no way dispensed with high safety standards, which is confirmed by numerous tests.

One of the most famous tire manufacturers in China

Westlake is a tire manufacturer who deals since 1958 with the production of rubber products. The company starts the car tire production, as the demand in China and in the world market growing significantly. Almost 50 years have passed since the production of the first tire in the works of Westlake passed and now the full range of automation is almost up truck tires supplied. Today the brand continues to win the trust of new customers and making a name in the world market. So Westlake are now exported winter tires to Europe, North America or Japan, where they are tested, among other things regularly according to EU standards to be particularly favorable and safe gelten.Westlake winter tires.

Budget tires for winter

In addition to fulfilling safety standards, which are mandatory in the EU, are Westlake winter tires also known for low prices. Most tire models of this brand are made as budget tire, which makes them particularly popular with motorists. The Snow Master is certainly the most famous Westlake winter tires. The tread of this tire provides high transport safety and excellent performance in snow or rain. A good driving behavior is even at higher speeds. In the test, this Westlake winter tires distinguished especially by good traction and a shorter stopping distance. The tire does not transmit vibrations into the vehicle, which further enhances driving comfort. In the Snow Master C is a West Lake Winter tires for vans. Although this tire is suitable for transportation vehicles, he has very good characteristics in snow and low temperatures. He makes even with large loads for sufficient stability.

Westlake Winter tires are one of the best budget tires currently available on the market. They were evaluated in many tests as safe, so that you can make with a good conscience on the way. With Westlake winter tires to drive safely and conveniently.

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