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Cheap Zeetex tires

Zeetex is an established in 2005 tire brand whose marketing is directed in Australia. Zeetex car tires arising in the production of renowned manufacturers such as Dunlop and Michelin in India, Indochina, Korea and Taiwan. presents a selection of Zeetex tires for cars and other vehicle types.

High driving comfort at a low price

Anyone looking for a tire that is inexpensive and yet provides safety and excellent driving comfort, the tire are Zeetex a good choice. Tires Zeetex be together with tires from Dunlop made ​​tires and other major brands. Therefore, they are made of the same high quality innovative materials. They cause that Zeetex can distinguish tires by environmental friendliness and low Fahrgeräuche. In addition, tires are Zeetex equipped with innovative profiles. Thanks to these properties has to with Zeetex tires anytime a good control of the vehicle. All in all, offer Zeentex tire a high value at a low price. Zeentex car tires offered on all continents. The Dutch-Distribute S & H tires and the Dubai-based Zafco group distribute tires Zeetex in more than 85 countries in the world.

Zeetex car tires for different vehicle types

Zeetex tires are available for almost all types of vehicles. They are available for cars, trucks, buses, vans and light trucks. In different winter and summer tires for light trucks and cars can be compared. Among the latest Zeetex tire belongs to the ZT 1000, which was introduced only 2012 Design. Despite its high performance, it can be offered at an extremely advantageous price. This is also true for many other tire of Zeetex to. One of the most proven Zeetex car tire is the tire S 100 , which is characterized by an optimized performance and service life.

Zeetex car tires are a good deal for price-conscious buyers. Tires Zeetex produced environmentally friendly. They provide ride comfort, safety and performance.

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