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Buy a high-quality and safe child seat low

Seats support the safe transport of children at all ages. Until the age of 12 or a height of at least 150 cm, the use of corresponding seats or booster seats is mandatory. If a child is transported without a child in the car, at a police control is a high fine due.

Proven Quality ensures safety

One can buy a child seat low or be bound to the quality. When it comes to the safety of their own offspring, should the selection of a high quality and secure model, as opposed to just beneficiaries providers, are at the forefront. Cheap Seats offer poor workmanship and little security. Numerous safety aspects are not sufficiently taken into account. What use is the best security and Unfallratgaber when processing defects already pose a risk. Great importance have known seal. Only a German TÜV-badge and the ECE class with weight ensure the minimum requirements. When baby seats are padded straps and a built-in baby bath side impact protection is of great importance. Child seats for older children are also selected in the first step according to these criteria. Other important criteria for child seats - whether favorable or not - are a stable position in the vehicle. The risk of incorrect operation must be low. Through an easy to understand user manual and detailed warnings on the safety of the installation is guaranteed. In addition to good padding the child seat provides a comfortable leg rest. The child should be able to see well to the outside out of the seat. Another important feature for child seats and infant carriers in addition to the simple height adjustment of the voting seat on the body width of the child.

A child seat fits in every vehicle

Whichever car brand and model they drive. Seats finds in sparkling Streaker just his place as the traditional family car or the Porsche SUV. Increasingly popular are Isofix attachment systems. In this system, the child seat is hooked directly into the designated mounting points and receives a secure and stable fixation. Isofix mountings are already integrated into many newer vehicle models or offered for older models as retrofit. This mounting system is considered one of the safest systems.

to buy Cheap Seats is only secondarily the question of price. Often child seats are to expensive security traps. Modern and designed under safety aspects Seats are equipped with the standard Isofix fastening system, which can be used for all cars with Isofix attachment.


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