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Established tire confidence

A passion for driving could involve driving sporty cars, rugged off-road country and racing experiences, and heavy duty trucks! However, whichever application applies, a driver needs a solid, reliable vehicle surface-holding tire foundation that offers a combination of safety with modern aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. Since 1949, Nitto has produced tires designed for ultra-high performances that offer;

  • The best in technological know-how
  • Statement-making tires with bold tread designs for the enthusiasts
  • Determined performance benefits; including, all-season road holding
  • Specific designs for sedans, SUVs, and CUVs
  • State-of-the-art technology for easy maintenance and smooth riding

Nitto tires and their features

In the consumer aware world of today, the best features and benefits are an influencing factor, in a vehicle and its main supporting features, the tires! Whether it’s a reduced stopping distance, improved fuel economy, or exceptional road-holding abilities in emergency situations, the primary Nitto consideration is safety in performance.

Nitto, concentrate on meeting the specific needs of their customers, from their all-season tire, which provides road adhesion and will provide an excellent performance in most driving conditions. For those seeking high tire performances in more extreme weather conditions, Nitto offer featured tires for your vehicle with exceptional traction on wet or snow and ice covered roads.

Tires that are environment designed

The technology employed in the design and manufacturing of Nitto tires has helped in the creation of some of the most radical-designer tires available today. They are exciting, memorable designs, which are the result of state-of-the-art development, the highest degree in engineering quality and crucially, rigorous and demanding testing procedures.

Nitto is aware of the difficulties for consumers when searching for new tires. Accordingly, they are committed to providing tire options, designed to meet the different and personal demands of their customers. Their range of tires gives vehicle owners educated purchase options, that meet their personal demands and provide them with designer type tires that not only meet their everyday driving environments but others that are far more exciting!

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