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What are the General Altimax rt43 Tires?

General Tires are the brand behind the General Altimax Rt43 tires and they are just as impressive as any of the other tires made by this tire manufacturer. The General Tire Altimax Rt43 came to market in 2013. It is a newer version that is meant to replace the Altimax RT and The General Rt43 Altimax are loaded with benefits and features. For those that want a comfortable all season drive without having to worry about the integrity of their tires then the General Altimax Rt43 tires are a great choice.

These General Altimax Rt43 line of tires are made with a quality silica tread compound that is a twin cushion. This along with the tread that has a symmetric pattern to it is what makes the General Altimax Rt43 tires so well known for its anti-slip design. What this does is that it balances the traction that is needed for both wet and dry driving conditions.

Do You Need To Buy The General Tire Altimax Rt 43?

If you are facing driving conditions that are wet at any time of the year then the General Tire Altimax Rt43 then the technology mentioned about the tread compound and design along with the circumferential grooves built into the tires is going to give you better driving security. The grip is provided with the sipes that have been added to these General Rt43 Altimax. Dry performance driving is equally as impressive with these tires.

When looking at this tires you will note that there is a continuous center rib. What this does is enhances your safety in regards to you response for steering and gives you stability. In the internal section of the tread there are two steel belts comprised of a cord body made of polyester. This helps to increase the ride comfort but at the same time increases the strength and durability of the tire Altimax Rt43.

For added convenience is the Replacement Tire Monitor. This is a stamp placed within the tire so once the tire wears down it become visible and states "replace tire. No need to worry about misalignment either because there are alignment indicators that you can easily see.

Can You Get A Good General Altimax rt43 Price?

When you are looking at the General Altimax Rt43 price remember that what you are paying for in this selection of tires is superior dry and wet traction, along with a most comfortable ride. Plus you are saving money on tread life because of the quality of material that is used in the General Altimax Rt43 tires along with the impeccable craftsmanship. You will soon discover that the General Altimax Rt43 price that you will be paying for these tires is well worth it. You will also learn that if you do a price comparison on the General Altimax Rt43 that you are going to get some exceptional price offerings.

Then to even add to your great buy is the 75,000 mile warranty that General Tire offers on the General Rt43 Altimax. These tires are available from 13 to 18 inches. The ratings for speed is up to "H".

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