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The Cooper tires run smoothly and reliably

Cooper is an American tire manufacturer with a turbulent and long tradition. The brand is one of the most famous tire manufacturers in the world and exported successfully today in 60 countries, including European countries.

successfully Tradition

Cooper has been producing 1914 car tires for the US market. Thus, the focus of this production lies next to car tires to tires for SUVs, SUVs and pickups, which traditionally have a large circulation in the USA. In Europe, such vehicles are strongly on the rise, so that car tires from Cooper found a more and more frequent in our latitudes. The car tires of American company are naturally released for European road and are sold in most shops and mounted.

Success through innovation and adventure

Cooper is the leading tire manufacturer in American Motorsport: The local equivalent of Formula 1, the race series A1 Grand Prix, Cooper has made as the sole tire supplier for the team. The experience gained in this Exremsport also flow into the car tires from Cooper and make the Cooper tire to tire on the cutting edge of technology, which is not reflected in the price: The Cooper tires are surprisingly low, considering the high quality standard.

Those who opt for Cooper tire, opts for quality at a reasonable price. Holder of SUVs or the like come to the top American manufacturers anyway hardly around, but also as a producer of conventional car tires, Americans from Ohio have already made a good name in Europe.

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