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Michelin Pilot Super Sport - maximum safety even in extreme conditions

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is one of the French manufacturer flagships. No wonder, has this summer Michelins but even under the most extreme weather conditions optimum safety.

Best dry handling the Michelin Pilot Super Sport

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is popular with its numerous good driving long with customers from around the world. No wonder, since the highly durable high performance fiber Twaron ensures even at high speeds very great stability of the tread. Because of this variable voltage to the center of the tread expands less far than the shoulder area. Thus is ensured a much more even distribution as well as for a more regular wear. In addition, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport features a new tread compound, which consists of two components: on the outside a rußbasierte mixture including elastomer components is installed, which ensures even at high load for a high durability. is the latest generation elastomer that uses even the slightest roughness of the road, to break the water film can on the inside of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport again. Like on other Michelin models is thus ensured for maximum driving pleasure in any case.

Michelin - the French company success

The history of the French tire group Michelin can be traced back to the year 1889th At that time, the Michelin brothers took over a plant that processed rubber and began a short time later with the manufacture of tires for automobiles and bicycles. Thanks to the great success, the company could expand rapidly and today offers an immensely wide choice of car tires, which are suitable for all application areas.

With its innovative tread pattern offers the Michelin Pilot Super Sport high driving stability even in wet conditions and therefore guarantees maximum driving pleasure. We should also mention the comprehensive protection against aquaplaning, about this car tire features.

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