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A Kamei box, stylish and functional

A roof box of Kamei impresses with both its space and by their design. Available are different colors. By gloss black finish which acts roof box very elegant and sporty. The silver-gray roof boxes appear discreet and adapt to all vehicle finishes. Various models such as the "510", "Oyster", "Corvara", "Dolphin" and "Husky" provide an individual selection of the correct size and shape.

Kamei 510 and Dolphin

The interior of the roof box from Kamei is very generous 510 liters. You can download the Kamei roof box loaded with a maximum of 93 kg. With more than 2 meters can be the box on a variety of vehicles fasten. By the comfort-sliding mounting system, the assembly is easy. The handling is very comfortable in this roof box from Kamei. It is equipped with a central locking mechanism and can be opened from both sides. The model "Dolphin" is more compact than the "510". You have the choice of two different versions: one with 340 liters and once with 380 liters capacity. Also, the outer dimensions are 1.90 meters and 1.58 meters smaller than in the "510".

Husky, Oyster and Corvara

The Kamei box "Husky" is available in two colors, gray and black. She is good 1.90 meters long and has a volume of 330 liters. "The" Oyster "has a specially shaped outer shell, which is very streamlined. The interior is very spacious with 450 liters. The smallest model is currently the" Corvara ". You can load these Kamei roof box with up to 310 liters.

A roof box of Kamei shines through easy handling and a practical locking system. Through the secured mounting a high safety standard is at the baggage handling achieved. Most boxes are open on both sides, which ensures a high comfort of use. The customer has in many products in addition the choice of different colors, from classic silver / gray through to sporty and elegant black.


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