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The car safety in winter - tips and help

Thus, the car comes well through the cold season and the car security is always granted in the winter, you need to consider some tips and pointers. With the right car accessories winter is no problem for the vehicle.

The car from the outside - lighting, tires and windshield wipers

Especially in the dark season intact lighting is important for road safety. For it is not only to see but also to be seen in order to avoid accidents. The functionality of all lamps must be controlled. The setting of the headlights take over specialist companies or the ADAC. The suitable tires as car accessories for the winter are required on German roads. At the latest in November, the vehicle should be frosted for the winter. Winter tires have special profiles and special rubber compounds that ensure a secure grip and short braking distances. The tread depth of stored tires should not be less than 4 mm, so that they are suitable for winter use. If in doubt, new tires are the safest way. Also, the air pressure should be checked regularly to ensure that the lifetime of the tire are not unnecessarily shortened and punctures and prevent excessive fuel consumption. The wiper must function properly in order to allow an unrestricted view. You should not freeze to the disc, as the rubber will be damaged. To avoid this, the disc of the parked cars can be covered. Defects wipers should be replaced immediately.

The car interior - antifreeze, door seals, car battery

The radiator antifreeze and antifreeze in the windshield wiper system are important factors of auto safety in winter. But the correct oil is an important car accessories - especially in winter. Its fluidity, as viscosity referred must be guaranteed even in severe temperatures. Thus one does not stand in front of closed car doors, the seals of the doors must be greased. A hand ready de-icing spray (the NOT IN is stored vehicle) protects against unpleasant surprises. The car battery is exposed to freezing temperatures special loads. They should be checked and replaced if necessary.

With the right car accessories for the winter and the car security in winter is guaranteed at all times. We wish you always a pleasant and safe journey.


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