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What is 5w30 Oil?

As a vehicle owner you are well aware that you need to keep your engine oil topped up. What you may not know is why and whether you should use 5w30 motor oil or some other type. Understanding what the numbers refer to like the 5 w 30 oil will help.

The 5 means that it acts like a 5 weight oil which is great for the cold weather. The 30 means that it responds like a 30 weight oil when it's cold. So there you have the 5W30 Motor Oil. The "W" is an indicator that the engine oil 5w30 is appropriate for winter use.

Basically this is a viscosity blend that can handle fluctuations in temperature so you don't have to change your 5w 30 oil every season. The hotter it gets in turn the thinner the oil gets. What this could mean is if the oil does well in the cold weather then it may be a poor performer in the summer heat. With a duel blend like the motor oil 5w30 that problem is eliminated.

The Benefits of Using 5W30 Engine Oil

If you want your vehicle to perform at its best, and you don't want to be faced with some potentially expensive repairs then you want to be sure that you are using a quality oil like the 5w30 motor oil. The motor oil 5w30 is properly formulated for the vehicles of today which tend to be smaller yet are powered with efficiency. One of the important aspects about vehicle performance is its fuel efficiency and when the vehicle is being properly maintained with the right oil like the 5 w 30 oil it helps with this.

Engines in vehicles produce different amounts of pressure and the more pressure there is the more demands are put on engine oils like engine oil 5w30. With the amount of responsibility that oils like this have it is important that a quality brand be purchased to ensure that the vehicle is receiving all of the benefits that it is meant to deliver.

Is the 5W30 Oil Price Reasonable?

When you are looking at the 5W30 Oil price you are certainly going to question as to whether this is a reasonable price. Keep in mind that if you don't use a quality oil like the 5w 30 oil you are putting your vehicle at risk.

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