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The viscosity "5W40" needs of many vehicles

The 5W40 oil is one of the most common motor oils for vehicles . It lubricates the engine reliably and thus protects it from damage. Whether the oil is suitable for your car, you can read the manual. If there is an oil should be required with lower viscosity range, then you can use the 5W40 oil anyway. An oil with a wider viscosity is always suitable.

The importance of viscosity

Under the viscosity is meant the viscosity of the oil. The first digit in the name of 5W40 oil represents the behavior at low temperatures. After the letter "W" (for the winter), the code for the behavior at high temperatures follows. The viscosity of 5W40 means functional at temperatures between minus 30 to plus 40 degrees Celsius. The area of ​​application is thus clearly described.

The vehicles and the manufacturer

Every manufacturer of engine oil offers various products, which differ mainly by the viscosity. Among other things, on the market, the "Aral HighTronic" -5W40 oil. It is ideal for modern diesel engines with particulate filter. But many petrol engines can be supplied with it. the high-performance engine oil was produced using the proven Aral synthesis technology. By viscosity of 5W40 engine is effectively lubricated and protected both in cold as warm ambient temperatures. Even the Liqui Moly lightrun High Tech 5W-40 engine oil scores with very good lubricating properties. More suppliers of oils with a viscosity of 5W40 example, Total and Shell .

5W40 is one of the most driven motor oils. Some manufacturers provide specific recommendations (manufacturer approvals) for various products, such as BMW . You can purchase the BMW oils especially with the viscosity 5W40, as these are required by many BMW models. In question both petrol as well as diesel engines come. You can find the exact requirements in the vehicle documents.

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