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Liqui Moly 20W-50 Motor Oil

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Liqui Moly 20W-50 - Heat-resistant premium oil for high requirements

Motor oil Liqui Moly SAE grade 20W50 is suitable for many different engines. From Classic oil to the modern high-tech oil can be found in the product group Liqui Moly 20W50 powerful engine oils.

Flexible all seasons oil for classic cars and new engines

A motor oil Liqui Moly in 20W50 class is the Liqui Moly Classic Motor Oil SAE 20W-50 . Oil this viscosity grade is especially suitable for cars manufactured after 1950, which have a classic oil filter. Another product which is offered in the viscosity 20W-50, is the Liqui Moly Touring High Tech. This modern Hochleitsungsöl makes in common gasoline and diesel engines for both a reliable lubricant film as well as for a high wear protection.

Wear protection and perfect lubrication

Thanks to high shear and aging stability and very good dispersing and cleaning properties include the Liqui Moly-20W50 oils to the most commonly used oils in workshops. Always observe the quality additive mixtures of the renowned manufacturer. Both of classic engines and on the high line aggregates current vehicle models provides Liqui Moly engine oil 20W50 viscosity low evaporation loss and very good cleaning and lubricating properties.

The engine oils of Liqui Moly-20W50 class can be used both for a variety of modern gasoline and diesel engines as well as for the engines of classic cars. Which oil should be used exactly for a vehicle, the vehicle owner can check the operating manual or on the oil list in the engine compartment.

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