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185 55 R15 - The Allrounder for small and compact cars

One of the most interested tire sizes for small and compact cars is 185 55 R15. Manufacturer of different price segments sell their series in this dimension, because the tires convince with particularly balanced properties. Safety, economy and optics are in the dimension 185 55 R15 in the ideal ratio.

Traction Strong, durable and fuel-efficient

Pirelli, Dunlop, Michelin and Hankook are world famous names that are at the highest level of quality tires. It can therefore be no coincidence that offer all four their kochwertigen tire model in the tire size 185 55 R15. The view of the EU tire label for summer tires Hankook VENTUS PRIME 2 K115 or series Dunlop SPORT BLURESPONSE underpin the hypothesis: excellent results for wet grip, fuel consumption and external rolling noise. Allrounder So, the tease of vehicles of small and compact cars such as VW Polo, Audi A1 or Fiat Punto the best possible.

Visually attractive tire with much ride comfort

is responsible for the very good results, among other things, the tire width of 185 mm. This makes for a for a good grip by sufficient rolling resistance. On the other hand, the resistance is selected only so great that the fuel consumption does not suffer. The section height of 101.75 mm (185 mm * 0.55) affects the other hand, a positive effect on the ride comfort and cornering stability. The latter increases with decreasing height, but thereby also the comfort of car tires decreases. The inside diameter of 15 inches and the resulting 15er rims also guarantee an attractive appearance. In addition, the inner diameter has an influence on the smooth running of the tires.

tires of size 185 55 R15 are with their dimensions in the golden mean. They provide the motorists with fuel consumption, comfort and driving characteristics excellent results, making it one of the most popular tire sizes for owners of small and compact cars.

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