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185 65 R14 tires: Widespread Standard

Who is looking for a tire in size 185 65 R14, can benefit from a comprehensive and extensive range. In addition to summer and winter models, there is also a whole range of different all-season tires , which are offered by many renowned manufacturers.

Powerful and qualitative models for the summer and winter

Owners of cars can look forward to a wide selection of different summer and winter tires, which are available in the size 185 65 R14. All major manufacturers offer this tire model in their range, including Uniroyal . Meanwhile, summer tires RainExpert impresses with its excellent wet braking performance and the perfect grip even on wet and icy roads. Equally noteworthy is the good handling, through which distinguishes this 185 65 R14 summer tires. Thanks to the low noise level also comes the comfort even on long journeys in no way too short.

The style year safe and comfortable

Anyone looking at the size 185 65 R14 for a all-season tire will certainly also be quickly find. So for example, the well-known manufacturer Vredestein to the Netherlands quality models who know how to impress with numerous positive handling characteristics. So you can benefit as a driver of the very good traction, the high grip and the excellent handling. Also noteworthy is the low rolling resistance, which characterize this 185 65 R14 all-season tires. This leads to a considerably lower fuel consumption, which makes the model very economical.

Due to the large range of different tires in the size 185 65 R14 will be found by the owner of a car with a matching security Pneu for his vehicle. Whether for summer, for winter or for the whole year, all well-known manufacturers offer this model in their range.

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