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185 80 R14 tires: fuel saving comfort tires for vans

tires sized 185 80 R14 are characterized by a low fuel consumption and a high level of driving comfort. They are mainly used as tires for vans. Chance of car tires of this size are available. Well-known manufacturers such as Hankook or Pirelli tires offer this dimension as summer and winter tires.

Outstanding grip in snow and ice

Due convince the tire width 185 80 R14 tires with a good braking and steering behavior and excellent energy efficiency. Summer tires this size ensure excellent handling on dry and wet asphalt. As winter tires, the tires also score points through optimum grip on snow and ice. In addition to the handling characteristics inspire Transporter tires in 185 80 R14 measure also by a high level of comfort. This is due to the tire height, which has the consequence that the tires are made of a thick rubber layer. The rubber has a damping effect and thus counteracts vibrations and impacts.

Summer tires from Continental: Excellent wet adhesion and good energy efficiency

With very good values ​​in the disciplines of wet grip and fuel consumption, the place Continental ContiVanContact 100 ahead of most light truck tires of the dimension 185 80 R14. In EU tire label that summer tires are marked with the wet grip with the class B. An excellent result: Compared with a transporter needed tires of Class F during emergency braking (80 km / h) on a wet road up to 15 meters longer braking distance. The energy efficiency of tires also convinced with a solid class-C marking. An extra bonus of 185 80 R14-truck tires from Continental are minimal rolling noise of tires. The summer tires as standard Continental ContiVanContact 100 have the speed index Q and are therefore approved for a maximum speed of 160 km / h.

The level of comfort, low fuel consumption and excellent performance make the tire size 185 80 R14 an excellent tire for vans and cars.

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