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195 45 R16 tires: traction Strong car tire for small and compact cars

High traction and excellent handling characteristics on dry and wet asphalt making tires sized 195 45 R16 a popular size for compact car owners. For this reason, there are a variety of high quality series in this measure. Among other things, develop well-known manufacturers such as Pirelli or Michelin high-speed tires.

Outstanding performance thanks to its wide tread

Who likes sports cars and, accordingly, makes high demands on the tires, can not get on the tire size 195 45 R16. The wide tires offer all the typical characteristics such as traction strength, cornering stability, optimal handling and an excellent braking performance. One reason for the outstanding performance is the wide tread of tires. In contrast to the narrower car tires , the weight of the vehicle is distributed over more area. As a result, a softer rubber compound are used, which generates more traction. Moreover, the rolling resistance increases with the width of the tread. The cornering stability, however, depends on the tire height, and is better, is the flatter of the tire.

Running Strong summer tires in the dimension 195 45 R16

The tire size 195 45 R16 is a good choice, especially for the summer. In the warm season the tires can reach their full potential and inspire so by maximum driving safety at high speeds. A cheaper and at the same performance summer tires , for example, the Toyo PROXES CF2 . With the speed index V of Pneu is designed for a maximum speed of 240 km / h. Priced it is slightly below the competition tires from Continental, Bridgestone and Co. Especially in the wet grip of summer tires achieved excellent results and also to convince the energy efficiency know.

With the tire size 195 45 R16 it's fast and secure through the summer. For the wide tread pattern and the small cross section of the tire makes. Being a summer tire series Toyo PROXES CF2 size also boasts a low fuel consumption.

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