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tire size 195 50 R16: fuel-saving tires for compact and small cars

tires sized 195 50 R16 have low fuel consumption and are strong and well comfortable. Three attributes that makes this tire size is the perfect choice for frequent travelers. Owners of small and compact cars (Audi A1, VW Golf, Opel Astra) should look at the quality of tires a closer.

Good braking performance in rain and sunshine

tires in size 195 50 R16 are located between the group of high-traction wide tires and the fuel-saving normal tires. The properties are therefore compensated for what caused both maximum driving safety and comfort. With a width of 195 mm, the rolling resistance is the car tire so large that sufficient grip is ensured in wet and dry. Even the steering behavior is positively influenced by the width. The tire height, however, is crucial for two things: the comfort and cornering stability. Here the dimension 195 50 R16 selects also the happy medium and convincing in both disciplines. Optical tires of this size are restrained but worry on vehicles in the compact and small car class for a coherent overall picture.

The Michelin ENERGY SAVER PLUS - safe driving pleasure for the summer

Especially recommended in the class of 195 50 R16 tires is the series Michelin ENERGY SAVER PLUS . Thanks classic grooved slat profile and a rubber compound with silica content, offer tires on both dry and wet asphalt and excellent braking and steering characteristics. In EU tire label wet grip, therefore the class A (AG) is marked. When fuel cuts summer tires from Michelin also performs well (KlasseC) and also shines through its high mileage. The Pneu is approved for a maximum speed of 240 km / h.

Those looking for running strong tire and this economy, comfort and driving performance wishes the same dimensions, can not get to 195 50 R16 tires. Here the total package and priced the tire size is convincing.

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