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tires in the dimension 195 60 R14

Not every tire fitted to each car. While larger, high-powered vehicles with tire dimensions as 225 60 R18 can be driven, so with wide tires with a large diameter, are compact cars and vehicles in the lower middle class go well with tires in the dimension 195 60 R14.

Comparatively compact tires manoeuvrable vehicles

What do these numbers really mean? Understanding the information on the tire, is very simple in principle: 195 mm, the width of the tire. This offer 195 60 R14 tires a good bearing surface, but do not yet belong to the wide tires. The relation to the amount of 60 percent, making it very balanced. With a diameter of 14 inches, these tires are rather small, thus they intrinsically suited for compact, few vehicles, which are mainly driven in the city. Combined, 195 60 R14 tires with car wheel rims of 14 inches also, according to taste and purpose with aluminum wheels or steel wheels .

Winter tires, summer tires and all season tire size 195 60 R14

Pneus in the dimension 195 60 R14 course there as winter tires and summer tires as. Some weather tires are available in this size, such as Nexen all-season tires . The dimension is typical for cars due to their relatively small diameter and does not qualify for off-road vehicles or vans for use. A rather smaller diameter at a somewhat larger contact surface: The guarantees secure roadholding and cornering stability. 195 60 R14 tires are therefore a good choice for drivers who want to be more comfortable on the road.

tires in size 195 60 R14 can provide a particularly high level of comfort. Sure they are also. In many price points for every budget the right tire here.

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