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215 70 R14 - a classic for Oldtimer

tires with the dimensions 215 70 R14 are especially popular in the US, which is why these are used are mostly used American vehicles and vintage cars. Therefore, the demand for tires also not quite as big with this special little moderation. Nevertheless, these are quite thus represented by different manufacturers and in different price ranges.

Especially in American popular Oldies

tires in the size 215 70 R14 215 centimeters wide and has a height dimension of 70 percent and a diameter of 14 inches. This of course also set matching rims ahead that need to fit together with the tires on the present vehicle. If you are unsure whether tire of this type actually fit on the car, you should take a look in the vehicle registration certificate. In old notes to find the information on the appropriate tire dimensions in paragraphs 20 to 23 and new in paragraphs 1.15 to 2.15.

215 70 R14 Maxxis, Cooper, Michelin and Co.

Should it therefore really a tire with the size 215 70 R14 be the choice, although at first glance not so big, but quite considerable. Because depending on season and current demand, may be available, inter alia tires from manufacturers such as Maxxis, Continental, Michelin and Cooper. The MA 1 WSW example, is a popular tires with the dimensions 215 70 R14, which the manufacturer Maxxis offers. But here it does not only offer a good price, but also with a good performance in the wet and difficult road surfaces.

Sometimes you should take a little more time in finding suitable, high-quality and inexpensive tires in the dimensions 215 70 R14. So can also certainly a cheaper, yet safe tires find the way you want it.

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