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225 35 R18 - a popular size classics

Always a matter of size: The tire dimensions show at a glance how wide and tall the tire is and what it is like to reduce its customs size. This means that a tire with the label 225 35 R18 is exactly 225 centimeters wide and 35 percent high and an inch size of 18 adduced. The customs size predominantly determined also about how great the best wheels must be.

The dimension makes it

Of course, does not fit any tires with the dimensions 225 35 R18 on each rim, and certainly not only for each vehicle. Whether the car is suitable for the appropriate size, can only be canceled on the registration document - in old vehicle registration under paragraphs 20 to 23 and in the new sub-paragraphs 1.15 to 2.15 - to find out. A look at these can therefore ensure that you do not falls for the wrong tire dimensions.

225 35 R18 - a highly sought after tires

For tires with the dimensions 225 35 R18 are asked uncommonly: Because they provide due to their width for much stability on the road surface, but by their level for much smoothness and robustness. A large demand determines course selection, which manifests itself here through a wide ranging assortment noticeable. Tires with the dimensions 225 35 R18 are not only represented in the varied materials, but also by the different brands available.

Popular brands Dunlop, Pirelli or Continental (if it should be a very high quality) and manufacturers like Toyo , Syron and Yokohama (if one is looking for cheap deals). Here too frequently can measure the price quality. Recommended is therefore always a price comparison.

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