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tire size 225 50 R15 wanted?

225 50 R15 ... most people are in these details once on the proverbial tube. What does the number confusion when it comes to a matching set of tires? This question can be answered quickly: The designation 225 50 R15 summarizes the dimensions of the tire.

225 50 R15: If the tire really?

A tire with the dimensions 225 50 R15 is 225 centimeters wide, 50 percent high (in comparison to the width) and has a diameter of 15 inches. tires with these dimensions are way popular in Germany and in many other parts of Europe. Whether they are suitable for their own cars, but only shows a close look in the vehicle registration certificate. Here you can bring in the old edition under paragraphs 20 to 23 and in the new version in points 15.1 and 15.2 further details on the appropriate dimensions in experience. Then it goes to the question of which tire is considered by many to it since.

Falken, Pirelli and Toyo provide suitable tires

Because the offer is large: tires with the dimensions 225 50 R15 are namely, as already mentioned, is widespread. Therefore, they are also available in different types of materials as well as with different capacities and speed limits approved. Offered these are however numerous brands from around the world. Well-known manufacturers such as Pirelli and Michelin mix here, as well as with cheap producers like Toyo or Nexen .

You just have to know what to look for and what should the tire which hovers a bring and demonstrate so. Quality technical way can all listed at and compared tires - measured at the present price-performance ratio - points. If a special tire wanted, can be controlled by comparison but save secure - even for the matching rims .

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