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225 70 R14 - offroader tired on the road

The dimension 225 70 R14 can offroader tired standing on the street, it is therefore for many sport utility vehicles, mainly in road maintenance, thought - in heavy terrain, dimension would contrast problematic.

Cooper - the king of off-road tires

If there is ever an uncrowned king of tires for off-road vehicles, then this is the manufacturer Cooperl . He has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of 4x4, SUV and SUV tires for decades on many American pickups, mainly four-wheel drive, tires Cooper can be found, most of which are immediately recognizable to the white lettering on the sidewall , The Cooper Cobra is an excellent road tires in the dimension 225 70 R14, and is in tests, concerns both what life and what road noise, far forward. It is intended purely for the summer road use, is sometimes found on the rear wheels of trikes, and just gives off-road vehicles a martial appearance, combined with generally good and sporty driving characteristics. His biggest competitor is the Yokohama AVID, which also provides the best handling characteristics in all areas and a solid road holding, and even boasts the same white lettering on the sidewall.

Allrader and SUVs on the road

The Cooper Discoverer is an off-road tire with particularly good performance values ​​when it comes to grip and adhesion. good adhesion and optimum directional stability is precisely in the heavy Allradern particularly important especially in winter road operation - conditions which the Discoverer is truly outstanding justice. Just the four-wheel drive means even higher performance requirements for tires, which also can keep the usually very high vehicle weight well on the road at the same time must in winter. The GLUE Quadraxa makes it almost as good as the Cooper, after all, can these tires are driven as all-season tires.

The dimension 225 70 R14 found mostly on-road vehicles, pickups and SUVs, often American models and many models older construction. In this class, Cooper dominated virtually undefeated the field, but some rivals Yokohama and adhesives have almost as good performance.


225/ 70 R14 Tires

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