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235 35 R19 - sporty wide tires for the middle class

Wide tread, low section height and an inner diameter of imposing 19-inch wheels - tires in size 235 35 R19 provide lovers of wide tires the ideal dimension. Most commonly used for wide tires are sporty cars of the middle class.

Optimum traction and braking characteristics

Car tires with the dimensions 235 35 R19 be counted among the wide tires. Wide tires differ compared to normal tires by their larger footprint and its flat tire height. At a ratio of 35, a tire with a width of 235 mm an approximate height of 82.25 mm. From convince the outside wide tires by a sporty appearance, which they transmit to the respective vehicle. Thanks to wider contact patch gets the tires more grip, which positively reflected in the traction and braking characteristics. A special appearance is also produced by the large inner diameter of 235 35 R19 tires.

The best of their kind

A very popular tires in the dimension 235 35 R19 is the Hankook VENTUS S1 EVO K107 . In independent tests tires series have repeatedly cut off with top marks. Especially the balanced handling characteristics in wet and dry conditions make the Ventur S1 EVO K107 Hankook at an excellent wide tires. In EU tire label wet grip of the tires is marked with the class B. The fuel consumption is indicated by the C class. The licensed in maximum speed 300 km / h. A little bit better, and the winner of many comparison portals is the Michelin PILOT SPORT CUP PLUS . A tire with better handling characteristics is hard to find, but for the Michelin tire quality has its price.

tires sized 235 35 R19 are designed for fast driving style. They have an efficient traction, have excellent braking performance and precise handling. Visually convey wide tires this size a sporty image.

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