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235 55 R20 - the dimension for heavy and fast offroader

With 20 inch rim size they are off-road tires quite bulky models, thought they are mainly used for fast and sporty SUVs and ATVs fast luxury.

Ultra High Performance is standard

The abbreviation UHP - Ultra High Performance - is mostly in reference to the speed category of tires, but not exclusively: it is also about the power values. Especially vehicles achieve at high weight and high speeds, put to tire very special requirements when it comes to directional stability, handling, braking and especially the characteristics in the wet. As well adapted to this performance profile, the ContiCrossContact UHP has of Continental proved, could hold his own in many tests in absolute top field in the dimension 235 55 R20. The Latitude Tour HP Michelin proves in tests as a worthy opponent, he also scores in the luxury segment of heavy SUVs and Allrader especially with his ride comfort. Both are designed for vehicles in pure road operation, the Michelin as all-season tires --terrain there are virtually as good as not in this dimension.

Yokohama is especially dedicated to this field

Some of the same tire model Yokohama, particularly the Geolandar SUV series and W Drive series, offer the dimension 235 55 R20 some particularly powerful models, the W Drive is a winter tire with a balanced power profile, which meet especially the high vehicle weight of luxury SUVs is, and ensures a secure grip on the road even in difficult winter driving conditions. The Geolandar contrast with its symmetrical profile fulfills his duties as a summer tire especially quiet especially. For more driven sportsmanlike manner vessels of Yokohama ADVAN is in this dimension actually the best alternative, although the other models, especially the Latitude of Michelin consistently cope well with sporty driving styles.

In the dimension 235 55 R20 include mainly tires for heavy SUVs and powerful Allrader that run almost exclusively in road maintenance - All-terrain tires in this dimension, there is virtually none.

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