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285 45 R19 - for fast SUVs

The dimension 285 45 R19 will in most cases for heavy and fast SUVs application that run mainly on the road. True terrain tire in this size, there are virtually none.

For luxury SUVs on the road

In the dimension 285 45 R19 can be found virtually no "real" off-road tires. Off-road tires in this size usually sit on heavy SUVs with powerful motors that are virtually exclusively on the road running. The high vehicle weights, the high center of gravity of an SUV and the stresses that occur through the powerful engines and high speeds make particular demands on the tires. Braking and acceleration forces must be brought safely and precisely to the road, the tire must also offer a high cornering stability. In addition, the ride comfort should not be neglected in such luxury vehicles. One of in all these disciplines really outstanding performance offers under the summer tire is the Hankook Ventus S1, the it is also in this dimension, 285 45 R19. His convincing performance values ​​make him a really good tire for this class. Even the ContiCrossContact UHP tire is considered good for this class, which is ideally suited to meet further than UHP tires superior speeds.

The range of applications requiring high performance tires

Not only in the transmission of braking and acceleration forces but also with regard to the wet properties such SUV tires must be able to afford a lot - the higher the speed, the more water must also displace the tire to effectively avert the risk of aquaplaning. It is particularly problematic in the winter - here, the tire must the heavy vehicle also can keep you safe on slippery roads, simultaneously both in snow and wet conditions have on the wintry road best performance. The Vredestein Wintrac 4Xtreme has been here often distinguished themselves in terms of performance. Along with off-road tires but can convince with good values ​​and the Hankook RH06 in the dimension 285 45 R19.

Heavy, fast SUVs are a challenge for tire - some are these special challenges but also particularly well grown.

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