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Barum tires - Tire manufacturer from the Czech Republic

The tire manufacturer Barum is a Czech brand, which today is a subsidiary of Continental AG. The full name of the company is accordingly Barum Continental.

The company's history

tires Barum are on the market since 1945th The company created by the merger of three Czech company Bata, Rubena and Mitas and selects as the headquarters Otrokovice. Initially set tires represent only a small part of the production, while other rubber products and footwear dominate. The transition to a predominantly Barum car tire manufacturing companies takes place over time, since due to the increasing motorization demand for car tires is continuously increasing. The Company includes in 1993 the tire company Continental to. Production for Barum tires are not only in Czech Republic but also in other countries such as Germany, Romania, Sweden, France and Portugal. In addition to car tires also are Barum truck tires and other car accessories such as rims made.

The product range

Car tire manufacturer Barum are sold under different product names. In the summer tire company tire name referred Bravuris 2 Barum tires for fast and powerful vehicles while under the name Brillantis 2 offered for compact cars suitable tires. The summer tires produced by Barum Vans for hot Vanis . With winter tires Barum differs only tires for passenger cars of all types and for vans. The Barum winter tires for passenger cars are under the product Polaris 3 offered, while for Vans SnoVanis hot. In tire tests by Stiftung Warentest, the ADAC and the magazine Pro Mobil Barum tires regularly achieve good test results.

Within the Continental group, the Barum brand tire belongs to the pricing midfield. It offers good tire quality at reasonable prices.

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