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Continental tires: 225 45 R17 Dimension confident in current tests

With Continental tires in 225 45 R17 Dimension there are products that can come on both wet and dry asphalt used. A summer tire of this format, the ContiSportContact 5 not only impressed the ADAC summer tire test 2013 (No. 1), he convinced even now many motorists. Even the design of the renowned manufacturer of the tire set is impressive in every respect.

The strengths of the tire at a glance

The ADAC has added to its summer test 2013 a tire series Continental 225 45 R17 the top grade and so made him a winner. It is the Continental ContiSportContact 5 , which comes with an excellent driving performance and excellent security. Both dry and wet roads convinced the Contintal tires across the board.

Design and fitting accessories for the tire

In addition to its intrinsic values, the ContiSportContact 5 is characterized by Continental (225 45 R17) mainly by its bold design, which by the multitude of high quality wheels of this format still far better comes into its own. But also repair goods can be purchased for this wheel size, sometimes even directly by the manufacturer. Thus, in every respect a high level of quality is guaranteed.

With a tire from Continental of 225 45 R17 size you drive good in all respects. The excellent driving characteristics, the high degree of safety - both on both wet and dry - and the striking design and the wide range of accessories ensure that this tire has to have a large fan base.

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