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GT Radial Champiro 228 combine all important features

Car tires have to be durable and demonstrate excellent performance in all road conditions. These criteria meet GT Radial Champiro 228 summer tires with flying colors. However, for the GT Radial tires Champiro 228 lifts off from the masses and to maintain Premium makes comfort tires, their sublime appearance and indisputable driving comfort they provide. In addition, wear GT Radial Champiro 228 tires significantly to efficient driving.

GT Radial tires Champiro 228 are functional and beautiful

The famous brand GT Radial is all over the world for an incredibly diverse product portfolio, which contains the most perfect tire for each driver, without exception, known. The GT Radial Champiro 228 series strategically targets on drivers who want maximum security and attach great importance to an attractive appearance. The security offered is a direct result of the innovative tread design with Z-shaped grooves, which ensure a consistently balanced handling. In addition, GT Radial Champiro have 228 tires four extra wide tread grooves that are circumferentially along and extremely efficiently derive water so that a reliable protection against aquaplaning is given.

With GT Radial tires Champiro 228 economy and comfort are not mutually exclusive

GT Radial Champiro 228 tires can also barely noticeable road noise, which make for a very comfortable ride, convince. This low noise level is due on the one hand by the noise-optimized tread design and the other by the trendsetting SILICA rubber mixture of GT Radial Champiro 228 summer tires. In addition, the silica compound ensures the GT Radial summer tires on dry and wet surfaces for optimum grip. Notwithstanding point GT Radial Champiro 228 tires at an extremely low rolling resistance, thereby providing a fuel-saving and environmentally friendly driving is only possible at all.

GT Radial Champiro 228 tires are functional, economical, safe and beautiful.


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