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Mitas E 10: A motorcycle tires for off-road and asphalt

The tires of the series Mitas E 10 possess all the characteristics for a fantastic enduro tire. The profile provides excellent grip on all types of terrain, in the curve to keep the tires their grip and a reinforced casing stabilizes the Pneu addition.

Special compound for bikes

Mitas is a manufacturer of motorcycle tire, which is mainly active in the offroad segment. The company was founded in 1933 in Prague and was also the time a subsidiary of Michelin. A few years later there was a merger between the company Barum and Mitas. Braum is since 1995 under the management of Continental AG, which is why the Continental AS tires are produced at the manufacturer Mitas. The tire model Mitas convince through individual rubber compounds, which are used selectively depending on the application. In Motorcross the company has therefore long been a guarantee for top quality. The road-going enduro Mitas scores with the so-called Dakar rubber compound, which absolutely convinced both onsite and on the road.

Mitas E 10 tires: The ideal series for enduro

The motorcycle tire series Mitas E 10 are designed for heavy enduro machines like the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. Long distances are ideal for this kind of tire, while it does not matter what material is the underground. The Mitas E 10 tires come with asphalt as well as clear with dirt roads and sandy soils. Responsible for this is firstly the profile that formally digs into the ground and the special rubber compound of the tire. The carcass of the Mitas E 10 provides the necessary stability and optimum handling. Those who have a little more dynamic driving style, will also appreciate the curve adhesion of the tires. The tires are limited to a top speed of 190 km / h.

Good handling, good grip and a long service life, the series offers E 10 Mitas. Those looking for a matching pair of tires for his enduro machine can safely access here.

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